Pink Tears

Kids- they are a joy to have around! Since summer is out, my house is filled with nephews and nieces. I recently found this ebook on Amazon through my Kindle
for free!Get it now while it’s free! Pink Tears is a big hit with my nieces! They are  2 and 4 years old and would not stop running around. However, when I read this book, they kept quiet and loved the book. The illustration is beautiful, dreamy  yet cute. They loved the story as much as I did! Very cute story with a message/lesson behind it. I love books with a great moral lesson! After reading this, we discussed the message behind the story. They understood it clearly that you should never bottle your emotions otherwise you will turn blue! They’ve asked me to read this book on a daily basic now! What’s great about  Pink Tears is that it’s a perfect length! It’s not too long yet not too short. Book went straight to the point yet has it’s cuteness in it. I would recommend this book to all, even us adults! We can learn a couple things here and there. For adults- don’t be passive-aggressive or should we keep our feelings (especially painful ones) in. It’s not healthy. Live free, be happy and be vocal with your feelings! Express yourself to the fullest, you will not regret it. I promise :)
Let me know what you think of this book! I adore it and I hope you will too!
Have a wonderful Monday!


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